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We’ve assisted more than 1,000 clients through our short sale efforts, and negotiated and released over $250M in debt for our clients.

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“The most-experienced, ethical, hardest-working short sale Broker….”
Chad R, Principal at Ruyle & Ruyle Law

Benefits of Working with Us

  • Experience – we have closed HUNDREDS of short sales
  • Nationwide lender relationships that allow us to work much quicker and more effectively and escalate files when appropriate
  • Licensed, experienced, compassionate, and ethical staff
  • All ShhortSale Negotiators are licensed Real Estate Professionals
  • We have done hundreds of short sales nationwide, and have a trusted network of hundreds of Licensed Agents to work with. We can even work with one you prefer!
  • A better option when facing foreclosure or bankruptcy, which can affect your credit for 7-10 years


ShhortSale Plan:

  • We manage the banks, agents, and buyers, and all parties involved
  • Our National RE Agent Network comprised of local, licensed, qualified, experienced short sale professionals
  • We are compensated by proceeds from the sale (permitted by the lenders), and do not charge you any short sale fees …of any kind
  • Focus on value preservation in your neighborhood, while making your deficiency as little as possible
  • We can work as anonymously as possible including the possibility of no sign in your yard, and minimal online exposure
  • We communicate effectively and efficiently with all parties involved


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Our Promise to You

We promise to give you experienced and ethical support.
We promise to utilize resources from extensive experience, exclusive lender relationships, and premium certifications to produce the best results possible for you.
We promise to be honest, ethical, and sympathetic real estate professionals.
Lastly, we promise to give you the hope, comfort, and support needed during a time of challenge.


Jeff Grant – Owner & Broker of Record



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Clients benefit from our experience and the strong relationships we have built with lenders. At NO COST to you, allow us to show you the value of our knowledge and experience!

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