How many short sales have we really closed?

To date, close to 700… and adding daily. Here is our binder of short sale acceptance letters that we’ve procured.

ShhortSale.com takes excellent care of all of our clients, nationwide. I have full confidence in their ability to take a very difficult situation and make the best out of it. Managing over 40,000 hits a month on our site, it’s critical to have a professional and effective short sale solution. They continue providing the excellent service that we demand to our clients, and I recommend them to individuals or groups seeking a professional and effective short sale solution.”
Jon Maddux, CEO, YouWalkAway, LLC

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Mr. Grant. Not only was he extremely responsive but his professionalism and knowledge about the short sale process made working together quite easy. As a short sale specialist, I can have over 300 files at a time. Jeff stood out because of his promptness and kind working manner. I would recommend Jeff as an agent to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home his area. His clients are lucky to be able to work with such a master of his craft.”
Lindsay S., Short Sale Specialist, Bank of America

I used ShhortSale.com / Jeff Grant for short sales on two properties. My overall experience was great. Jeff has extremely specialized knowledge in the intricacies and details involved in the short sale process. His demeanor is very professional and courteous. Jeff promptly answers any requests and quickly follows through on all actions. My short sales were executed as pleasantly as I could imagine, I was even paid $35,000 by the bank upon closing of my last short sale!
Frank L., San Diego, CA

“In all honesty I will tell you that I deal with a lot of negotiators and the majority of them do not have the clients best interest at heart. You on the other hand have provided every document I have requested in a timely manner and have been wonderful to deal with. It’s people like you that help me do my job to the best of my ability. I wish you all the best in the future.”
Leslie M., Loss Mitigation Liquidation Negotiator, PNC Mortgage, A Division of PNC Bank, NA

“The words ‘thank you’ don’t say exactly how much we appreciate everything you, and ShhortSale.com, have done for our family. The hardest thing for anyone to do is to TRUST another person with their financial future. From our first conversation with you, we not only trusted you and your company, but we always felt you had our best intentions in mind. Your positive demeanor and never-say-die attitude lead to our house closing in a very quick time period. And for that, we TRULY thank you and your company.”
William B., Baltimore, MD

“I have to say that my experience with you and ShhortSale.com was awesome! You were always available for my questions – even nights and weekends! Your advice was very beneficial and you made a very stressful event very smooth. I was very pleased with the end result of getting the home short sale completed in a very timely manner. If anyone I knew was contemplating a short sale, they have my recommendation to call Jeff Grant! Well done and thanks once again!”
Erik J., Sacramento, CA

“I had a fantastic experience with ShhortSale.com. My shortsale was handled extremely professionally, discreetly, and in a very timely manner. My communications were always returned quickly, I was amazed as the staff’s inside knowledge dealing with the negotiators and bank representatives, and was pleasantly surprised my shortsale was completed so fast. Although this was a very difficult time in my life, ShhortSale.com alleviated my stress over the sale of my home versus a foreclosure. Thanks again!”
Scott F., San Diego, CA

“If ShhortSale.com were a nationwide Company I would gladly work for your Dallas office! You have been good to work with, and I want to let our good agents know that we appreciate their efforts in holding deals like this together.”
Frank H., Citi Mortgage Dallas, Short Sale Negotiator

“It is an honor and privilege to have worked with Jeff for our short sale. Like so many people, we had previously tried working with our lender and bank to see what could be done about our condo which had gone upside down and lost about 60% of its value in a matter of 3-4 years after purchasing it during the height of the market in 2005. After several failed attempts over a span of roughly 4 years to modify or adjust the terms of our loan and even do an outright sale, we had given up hope. Then a friend of mine who had been helped by Jeff referred us to him, and we are so grateful for that! Jeff did the seemingly impossible and after multiple bids, a couple fickle buyers who walked away mid-deal, he got our house sold in 6 short months! Jeff is to be commended for all of his hard work. He keeps you up-to-date and informed every step of the way, is knowledge about the market and getting the best deal possible for you, anticipates every move these lenders make, and above all else he a people person with your best interest at heart. It was wonderful having someone who could relate to this entire experience. Jeff comes with our utmost recommendation and we are very grateful that he made the process so easy and fast for us so that we could move on and focus on our future. Thank you Jeff!”
Mike and Veronica P., San Diego, CA

“Jeff Grant of ShhortSale.com is nothing short of a Godsend. I was referred to him by a friend and have never looked back. I was one who had truly suffered during these trying economic times. I had made up my mind that foreclosure was my ONLY option. The shame, guilt and helplessness that accompanies this process were a constant in my mind and taking its toll. From the first moment I talked to Jeff, all was lifted. He, from the first moment, made me his “customer”. Not one time, not even fleeting, did I feel that he wasn’t in my corner. He handled every transaction; negotiating was a nice piece, with class, dignity, integrity and with maximum ethics. The agent who works with him was just awesome. At the end of the day, I was never made to feel that I was “shortsaling” a property; only that I was selling a property…..and for that I thank him. I would and will refer to him any and every time I get the chance. Keep up the GREAT work!!!”
Lori M., Locust Grove, GA

“Unfortunately I went through a divorce and was forced to sell my home in a down market. I had no idea what my options were so I contacted Jeff Grant at Sand and Sea Investments/ShhortSale.com. He explained the process in detail to me and answered all my questions. After doing some research, I felt it very important to go with someone who has completed hundreds of short sales. Jeff has a thorough knowledge of the process and has worked with countless numbers of lenders. I had two lenders and they proved to be difficult to deal with in this down market. Jeff talked me through the process and was readily available to answer all my questions and calm my fears. Due to the very difficult housing market, it took awhile to sell my home yet Jeff remained very competent and professional. He proved to have excellent negotiation skills and worked well with my lenders to get my short sale approved. He is very organized and I am convinced his methods are what led to the the approval of my short sale. He went above and beyond what I expected from an agent. I am very appreciative of his hard work and expertise. I would highly recommend Jeff Grant if you are considering a short sale.”
Paul H & Alycia C., San Diego, CA

ShhortSale.com has been a life saver. We owned two homes in two different states and lived in another state due to a job transfer. We did not know what we were going to do. Jeff at ShhortSale coordinated everything. He handled all of the coorespondence and negotiations with the bank. He set us up with real estate agents in both states and was always available to answer questions. The only thing we had to do was sign the necessary paperwork to get our homes sold. We were truely lucky to have found him.”
Terri S., Surprise, AZ & Orlando, FL

“I wanted to take a minute and let you know that I greatly appreciate your promptness, and the tray that you help support the best needs of customer, and cooperation during this short sale. You make my job easier. Thanks again.”
Kasandra W., Short Sale/DIL Specialist, Short Sale Dept. at Bank of America

“We just recently shortsale our house. Jeff Grant handled the negotiation with the bank.It sold just like a regular sale (we sold two houses previously). My husband found Jeff through ShhortSale.com. Without any referral, we had to put our trust to Jeff and his partner. They did not let us down. He exceeded our expectations.Good job Jeff and thanks a lot! We won’t hesitate to recommend you.”
Tyrone and Selmar H., CA

“I wanted to take a moment to give you our sincere and heart-felt thanks for your assistance during what has been one of the most stressful times of our lives. Due to my mother’s health, we needed to relocate quickly, but we owed almost double what our house was currently worth – foreclosure seemed to be our only option. Not only did you offer us hope for another solution, you guided us through a labyrinthine process that would have been nearly impossible to navigate on our own. Now, 2 1/12 months after we first contacted you, we have successfully completed the short sale of our property. I would recommend you and your company to anyone considering a short sale of their property. I am convinced that if we had tried to negotiate a short sale on our own, we’d currently be facing the pain of foreclosure. Because of your untiring commitment to us, I can breathe for the first time in months. Thank you.
Mindy D., San Diego, CA

ShhortSale.com is run by experienced and ethical professionals, and act in the best interest of the sellers. I have worked many deals with them, and they consistently and effectively perform with professionalism. I recommend their services to any seller seeking short sale assistance.”
Tina C., Reston, VA

“Your communication and expertise made me confident that our short sale was in the right hands. I would recommend your services to anyone. Thanks so much for your help…you made this process painless.”
Justin B., Corona, CA

“I’d like to extend my sincerest thank you to you both for all your assistance while broking my short-sell agreement. Given the difficulties of negotiating with CITI, GMAC and Bayview Finical, I’m pleased to say that I ended up owing less to the lenders than the covered costs of selling my home. I am shocked and amazed. Thank you again for all your hard work. I will be certain to recommend your services to others in similar situations.”
Aaron A., Occoquan, VA

“When we agreed to do a Short Sale of our home, I expected the whole process to be painfully agonizing. We were then referred to Jeff Grant of Sand & Sea Investments & ShhortSale.com. He was very prompt to contact us and to get the process going. Jeff answered every one of our questions and made us feel comfortable with our decision. Jeff was always available to answer questions and responded to emails the same day. He really worked his tail off and quite honestly, I’m not sure how he does it. I am 100% confident that our short sale was approved solely based on the dedication and hard work of Jeff. If you find yourself in the situation where you need to consider a Short Sale, I would recommend no one else.”
Brian & Wendy A., Escondido, CA

“Jeff helped us purchase our dream home in San Diego and has helped us sell a condominium that we own, pursuant to short sale. Jeff is an expert negotiator, and has managed countless buyers interested in our property. ShhortSale.com clearly has a good reputation with lenders, because he obtained approvals and cooperation from both of our lenders very quickly. We have recommended Jeff and ShhortSale.com to our family members who are also in the process of selling their homes because we trust his judgment and effectiveness.”
David & Meredith W., San Diego, CA

“In my real estate transactions I have discovered I’ve been fortunate to participate in some short sale transactions where Jeff Grant has been the negotiator. Through the process I have realized not only that Jeff is a great negotiator, but an ultimate professional. His “client first” attitude is one that is appreciated and welcomed in our industry now a days. I look forward to future business with Jeff, as it has always been a successful transaction and a rewarding experience.”
Chrissy M., Santa Ana, CA

“The assistance provided by Jeff Grant and his company have been nothing short of miraculous. Prior to being introduced to Mr. Grant by my friends at YouWalkAway.com, I tried in vain to negotiate my mortgage with Bank of America. The process was nothing short of an exercise in complete and utter frustration. My family and I were headed for a possible foreclosure. Enter Mr. Grant: within an extremely short period of time my house was listed, under contract and as of last week CLOSED!!!! All that was required of me was to complete a few simple financial documents, EVERYTHING else was handled by Jeff and his professional staff. I avoided the foreclosure, am rebuilding my credit and look forward to purchasing another home for my family at the earliest. Thanks Jeff, you have a friend for life!”
Chuck B., Leesburg, VA

“Jeff has kept me updated every step of the way. I have no doubt that he has my best interest in mind and has helped create a “win, win” situation for all parties involved. He has been a pleasure to work with!”
Peter O., Oceanside, CA

“We are grateful for the positive experience and tremendous assistance Jeff Grant and his team at ShhortSale.com provided through our short sale. We were financially stressed by a first and second mortgage, and like many others facing a down market, we spent the last 3 years applying but not qualifying for loan refinance, modification or government assistance. We feared bankruptcy and finally believed our only decision was to “walk away”, yet we could not fathom the idea of just abandoning our home. While exploring foreclosure, we were fortunate to be referred to Jeff to review our option for short sale. We heard a small percentage of short sales are successful; but we took the chance and contacted Jeff anyway.

Distance kept us from meeting in person, though from our initial discussion with Jeff, the demeanor in his voice and the calmness he exudes, we found him to be sincerely understanding of our financial situation and our emotions toward our house. Listening to Jeff share his knowledge of the process and his experiences with lenders helped ease our initial doubts so we could put our trust in him to move forward with the short sale.

Jeff coordinated our real estate agent whom we immediately felt comfortable with. They are competent, compassionate, and honest people. Jeff was dedicated to us from the beginning, gave guidance for us to prepare our home for sale and gave a realistic estimated timeframe of the process so we could remain in our home for as long as possible.

Jeff and his team kept us informed, answered our questions, and sought input from us as his correspondence progressed with the lenders. Needless to say, our process was not without shortcomings or turbulence with the lenders and agents! If anyone tells you a short sale is not emotionally draining, they are lying. Jeff and his team showed true compassion and quick turnaround when the 2nd lender that Jeff has known to be extremely difficult denied the first buyers’ offer, followed by the second buyers ‘walking away’ when negotiations were at a final stage! Even when we thought all was lost for the third buyer’s offer, our trust was strong in Jeff who remained persistent in negotiations with the lenders and succeeded to close. In less than 6 months, Jeff and his team helped us emerge from what could have been a truly negative outcome. Worried that we would never be able to find another place to live, given that our credit scores dropped from nearly 800 down to 640, Jeff assured us that things would work out and we once again we kept the faith. So here we are; two months later and getting settled in to our new home that we are leasing. Yes, the emotional hurt of losing the home we put so much time, effort and money into is still there; but with each passing day, it gets easier knowing that part of our life is behind and we’ve begun a new chapter. Without Jeff’s support, we honestly believe we would be in a much ‘darker place’.

We wholeheartedly recommend Jeff and ShhortSale.com to anyone who feels all hope is lost or heard nightmarish short sale stories. Words will never be enough for what Jeff and his team helped us through.”
Bruce & Melissa M., San Carlos, CA 

ShhortSale.com has made our negative experience more tolerable. Jeff has been attentive to our concerns and our individual situation. His honesty and punctuality has helped lower our stress level. Jeff has been our ally in dealing with a system who does not care.”
Chad M., Riverside, CA

“It was a great experience to work with ShhortSale.com. Jeff was very helpful, patient and understanding of the difficult situation we were in, and was successful in negotiating a settlement with the lender so we were able to avoid foreclosure. Thank you so much for all your help!!!”
Terri C., Onamia, MN

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Jeff Grant, ShhortSale.com. Goes above and beyond standards to meet clients expectations. We can´t thank you enough for all your help and work on getting our Short sale completed. You made the process stress free, your attentiveness,concerns and always answering our questions throwout the process. So again let us thank you for your professionalism and attentiveness. I would definitely refer Jeff Grant to friends and family.”
Veronica A, Aurelia O., San Diego,CA

“I want to thank Jeff and ShhortSale.com with all of there efforts. Within weeks my property was listed, had a signed contract and the closed. The actual process was friendly and honestly they took care of everything. They took a burden of mine and made it a happy ending. Again; Thank you Jeff…”
Jack B., Blue Ridge, GA

“My short sale was a success with ShhortSale.com‘s help. After giving Jeff all of my information, he organized the material and dealt with my bank/realtor in a professional manner. His attention to detail and work ethic to get the job done along with his negotiating skills was impressive. I had confidence in Jeff’s abilities every step of the way. Jeff’s communication with me through the whole process made me feel comfortable through a high stress time. Jeff was a great help in my short sale and I recommend him highly”
Matt D., Casco, ME

“We were in overheads and about to go into foreclosure. We didn’t know what to do. Jeff at ShhortSale.com saved us!!! We stumbled upon them by accident, the best accident I’ve ever had! The staff was great, they took the time to explain the whole process. They did it all from supplying the realtor to negotiating with the lenders. I would recommend ShhortSale.com to anyone in distress. Our burden has been lifted!”
Alisha F., McDonough, GA

“I just wanted to tell you one more time how much I appreciate all of the assistance you gave me and the hand holding you provided throughout this crazy…. loooooong process. Gosh… I really didn’t do anything! You both worked so hard on my behalf. To think I almost filed bankruptcy, I couldn’t be more grateful this all worked out, and I certainly couldn’t have done it without you! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I just can’t say it enough. icon_wink.gif ”
Lisa M., Washington, D.C.

“As a result of the downturn in the Real Estate market, we were forced to short sale our home. As soon as we hired Jeff, I immediately felt safe and informed. He is an educated and honest business man. He negotiated our loans for us and ended up getting us fully released from BOTH of our loans. I really felt like he was on our team, fighting for us daily. I plan to use Jeff on all my future Real Estate transactions. I recommend Jeff with the highest of confidence!”
Nicole G., San Diego, CA

“Jeff was very patient throughout a very difficult process with two lenders and negotiated fantastic results. His work with Citibank on the 2nd loan was phenomenal. His expertise dealing with banks in the short sale market is second to none.”
Jon F., Las Vegas, NV

“Our sincerest thanks to Jeff and his team who handled our short sale so efficiently. It was more like a miracle to us. Our house was already listed for foreclosure and already had an auction date. Jeff was able to negotiate with our lenders to move our house auction to a later date. He fought on our behalf and was able to get the shortsale. Thank you so much, Jeff. You saved us from foreclosure!”
Mae S., Fairfield, CA

“I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through the short sale process if it weren’t for Jeff and Katie, the local agent Jeff worked with. It was such a relief to have Jeff on my side to explain what had to be done, answer my questions and reassure me at every step of the way. Once we got an offer on the house, Jeff shifted into high gear, working with the bank at every step. He was able to negotiate excellent terms. I can’t imagine how I could have done any better.”
M. Kelly, St. Paul MN

“Gong through a short sale is not one of the most enjoyable experiences, but ShhortSale.com was able to deflect most of the annoying problems associated with the process. It took a lot longer than we thought it would, but Jeff hung in there and was able to get it done so the bank and I were both satisfied. If you are going through the foreclosure process and a short sale is possible I would highly recommend using ShhortSale.com.”
Gary C., Vista, CA

“Stephanie and I could not have dreamed of a smoother transaction. Your prompt responses to all my inquiries and your attentiveness to detail were beyond expectation. Truly first class all the way. We are indebted top you. Mr. Grant – I want to thank you for being up front and honest about our situation. I feel that if we had worked with someone of your integrity in during our original purchase we wouldn’t have been in this situation in the first place. In addition thank you again for recommending Jeff Grant, you should feel confident in point clients to him in the future. Thank you both for setting us back on a path to recovery. You should both look forward to hearing from us in a few years when our credit has recovered and we are fully ready to purchase a new home. Until then we will stay in touch and not hesitate to recommend either one of you to friends, family, and acquaintances. I would like to echo the sentiments of my husband. Please know that your work has truly changed our lives for the better. After everything we had been through before this, we did not know what to expect in this process. We could not have dreamed that the process would have been this smooth. We cannot thank you enough for your hard work. Again we look forward to recommending both of you to anyone who asks. Thank you again for your time and effort. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.”
Matt & Stephanie S., Oceanside, CA

“Our home was tragically underwater. While we were prepared to go to foreclosure, we hoped to find a way to work a short sale. We were referred to Jeff Grant. He reviewed our situation, and said he could help. He was honest about the process, and came to the table with credibility, having lived through it himself. We felt he had a successful track record and would act in our best interests. He was 100% invested in our success till the end. He negotiated with our lender, found an agent in our area, was extremely responsive and maintained complete integrity throughout. Thanks to Jeff and ShhortSale.com, we were able to move forward with our lives. No question about it — we absolutely recommend him. Thank you again!”
Eric & Erin L. Murrieta, CA

“Jeff really worked a miracle. My 2nd lender was known as notoriously difficult to deal with. They were a challenge and wanted a huge payoff, but Jeff was persistent and patient resulting in my short sale completing in less than 3 months and with a dramatically reduced ($50,000!) payoff. And all through this process he was frequently in touch, responded quickly to questions, and explained the process thoroughly and expertly. I truly would not have emerged from this unfortunate situation so well without him.”
Brian L., Pasadena, CA

ShhortSale.com took excellent care of my file from the first day. I purchased my investment home for 310,000 and after a few years the home value dropped down to 120,000. At first I tried doing a loan modification with the bank but I was denied several times before coming across ShhortSale.com. After starting the short sale process I was instantly at ease knowing I was in great hands. I run a multimillion dollar business I was felt as I was working with a world class company. I highly recommend speaking with one of their agents and reviewing all your options.”
Ted A., President/CEO, Quest Financial Management

“Your knowledge, experience and professionalism have helped us go through a short sale process easily and quickly. I am amazed to see how we we worked together even though we are a thousand miles apart. Your prompt responses and guidance and have helped keep our stress stress levels down during the process. We wish you the best and ShhortSale.com the very best in the future!”
Raghu K., Ashuburn, VA

“Jeff is extremely efficient as a negotiator.  I received status updates on a regular basis and received short sale approvals in a timely manner.  When doing short sales there isn’t always any certainty on time frames so I was pleasantly surprised when I got the approvals so quickly! As well as be extremely efficient, Jeff is very professional and whatever challenges we were facing during any transaction he kept on moving forward…..a quality that is hard to find.  He has a deep knowledge of the inner workings of the banks and has the ability to work inside of those perimeters and speak to the right people if necessary.  I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jeff and hope to again in the future!”
Nicole M., Broker, Century 21

“What do I think of Jeff Grant, FANTASTIC is the word! With nearly two decades in Real Estate Finance, I’ve worked with some excellent professionals over that time, but none more competent than Jeff. Recently I counseled a young couple on their options for improving a bad situation they had with their home. They were down to a single income, they owed a lot more on their current mortgage than the home was worth, and they were losing sleep worrying about the future. A loan modification was not possible due to income limitations nor was a refinance. It was clear they needed a fresh start so I brought Jeff Grant in to do his magic. A short time later, they had sold the home with the banks accepting less than were owed, and now this young couple is on their way to healing their credit and buying again within the next two years. They couldn’t be happier. This only happens because Jeff knows what he is doing, and has personally handled over hundreds of distressed property liquidations. He is a tremendous negotiator and knows who to talk to at the banks and how to present the offers in the best possible light to maximize the chance of success. His record speaks for itself. As a Real Estate Radio show host, I am a huge consumer advocate and want all listeners to make wise decisions regarding their Real Estate transactions. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jeff Grant to any of my clients who are facing similar difficulties.”

Jeff Olson, Host of “REAL ESTATE RADIO” on KPRZ AM 1210