I listened to him live on May 22nd in Phoenix at a CDPE conference. His name is Matthew Vernon, and didn’t dodge our lemons. Believe it or not, he acknowledges this mess. He acknowledged their processing short-falls and customer-service failures. He is well-aware that his team is not sufficiently addressing the needs and demands of his clients, or of us RE professionals. He also made it clear that he cannot change the past.

Moving forward, I was comforted that he is changing things around. In his first 120 days on the job he has implemented Equator, an online loss mitigation software to manage their short sales and REOs (which I have Platinum Certification with). He has grown his Loss Mitigation staff exponentially, and implemented Saturday ¬†trainings for them. He has been traveling the country to face groups like ours – angry and frustrated professionals on behalf of our clients. He made it clear that within 30 days, we’ll see even more positive change. In 90, they’ll be rev’d up and scaled to what is truly required for them to handle this mess. Time will tell.

Matthew ended his time with us fielding a Q & A session. These questions were tough and honest, and he answered them quite firm and with honesty. During this time he said “If we lose you to a competitor, we’ve failed.” Sounds like someone over there is starting to ‘get it’…

Jeff Grant, President, ShhortSale.com